Punjab Government Issues Notification for Closure of Schools & Educational Institutes Amidst Rising Smog Concerns on November 18

In a proactive move to address the escalating smog crisis, the caretaker Punjab government swiftly issued a notification for Closure of Schools on November 18, mandating the closure of all public and private educational institutes across ten districts. This bold decision aims to combat the concerning levels of smog engulfing the region.

Educational Hubs Affected

The notification applies to schools, colleges, and universities in the following ten districts:

  1. Lahore
  2. Gujranwala
  3. Nankana Sahib
  4. Sheikhupura
  5. Kasur
  6. Gujrat
  7. Sialkot
  8. Narowal
  9. Hafizabad
  10. Mandi Bahuddin

Comprehensive Restrictions

Not only educational institutes, but the government has also imposed a temporary closure of shops, gyms, and cinemas in these districts until 3 PM on Saturday. This multifaceted approach reflects the severity of the situation and the government’s commitment to public safety.

Limited Movement in High AQI Districts

The notification further enforces “restricted movement” in the ten districts exhibiting the highest Air Quality Index (AQI). This strategic measure is implemented to mitigate the health risks associated with the alarming smog levels.

Judicial Support for Remote Work

In tandem with these measures, the Lahore High Court (LHC) has previously directed all offices to adopt a work-from-home policy twice a week. This additional step demonstrates a collaborative effort to minimize the impact of smog on public health.

Urgent Call for Eco-Friendly Transportation

Acknowledging the role of transport in exacerbating smog, Minister of Planning and Development, Forrest Wildlife and Fisheries & Environmental Protection, Bilal Afzal, attributed 45% of the smog issue to transportation. This underscores the need for sustainable solutions, and the court has consistently advocated for promoting cycling as a viable means to combat smog.

Conclusion: Closure of Schools & Educational Institutes

As the Punjab government takes decisive action in the face of the smog crisis, these measures underscore the gravity of the situation. With a focus on public health and safety, the government, supported by judicial directives, is actively working to address the root causes of smog and promote a cleaner, healthier environment for all residents.

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