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Top Companies Offering Remote Jobs with Salary in Millions

In today’s active job market, remote work has become progressively prevalent, offering individuals the autonomy to work from any location worldwide. With the increasing value of the dollar currency, many aspire to work for US-based or international companies. However, not all companies extend this honor to foreign employees. Here, we explore seven companies that offer final flexibility in remote work opportunities.

Company NameShort DescriptionSalary
AirbnbOffers remote work within the country with compensation and tax aids, plus up to 90 days of global remote work.Senior Managers in Technical Education can earn about $180,000 annually
AtlassianPromotes a ‘Team Anywhere’ workstyle, letting staff work from any of the 13 countries.Machine Learning Engineers can expect an average annual salary of about $145,000
BufferFosters a highly elastic work environment, letting employees work from any corner of the globe.Senior iOS Engineer can make a salary well into the $100k+ range
AutomatticEmpowers its workforce to work from their favoured location, calming regular travel for company meetups.Executive Operations role may proposition an average annual salary of $170,000
DeelEmbraces a borderless work environment straddling 88 countries. Proposals over 200 job openings.Database Administrators can make approximately $140,000 annually
TestGorillaBoasts a dispersed team across 40+ countries, emphasizing remote work.Senior Backend Engineers may earn a normal annual salary of $48,000


Airbnb lets employees work from any location within their country for recompense and tax purposes. Furthermore, they can enjoy up to 90 days of remote work from virtually anywhere globally. With over 130 vacancies, Airbnb offers varied job opportunities. For instance, a Senior Manager in Technical Education can earn about $180,000 annually.


Atlassian promotes a ‘Team Anywhere’ workstyle, authorizing staff to work from any of the 13 countries where the company operates. Staff can also work away from their ‘home base’ for a designated date each year. Presenting over 250 open roles, Atlassian delivers opportunities in engineering, sales, and more. A Machine Learning Engineer can expect a regular annual salary of approximately $145,000.


Buffer fosters a highly elastic work environment, allowing employees to work from any corner of the globe. Remote work from exotic locations is fortified. Despite its smaller scale, Buffer offers modest salaries. For instance, a Senior iOS Engineer can earn a salary healthy into the $100k+ range.


Automattic empowers its workforce to work from their favored location, encouraging regular travel for company meetups. Although it doesn’t actively promote roles, candidates can express interest in various departments. A Managerial Operations role may offer an average annual salary of $170,000.


Deel’s ‘Work from Wherever’ method embraces a borderless work environment, spanning 88 countries. With more than 200 job openings, Deel caters to worldwide talent. A Database Administrator can earn about $140,000 annually.


TestGorilla boasts a dispersed team across 40+ countries, emphasizing remote work. Despite its smaller scale, its proposals have significant flexibility. With eight current vacancies, a Senior Backend Engineer may earn a regular annual salary of $48,000.

These seven businesses offer unparalleled flexibility in remote work chances, catering to individuals seeking both freedom and considerable financial rewards in their careers. Whether one is absorbed in technology, hospitality, or remote work platforms, these businesses provide diverse options for global talent.

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