Unleash the Power HyperScrambler 2 E-Bike! Save $900 on Juiced

Discover the Flash Sale: Juiced HyperScrambler 2 Dual Battery E-Bike at $2,199!

Juiced Bikes is turning heads with its latest flash sale! Grab the moped-style Juiced HyperScrambler 2 E-Bike, featuring an impressive 100+ mile range, for just $2,199 when you use the promo code HOLIDAY at checkout. This exclusive deal offers a massive $900 discount, marking a 29% markdown compared to the regular price.

HyperScrambler 2 E-Bike: Beat Black Friday Pricing by $300!

Today’s flash sale sets a new record, surpassing all discounts offered throughout the year, including Black Friday. Seize the opportunity to own the HyperScrambler 2 E-Bike at the lowest price ever tracked. Act fast, as this model is set to be discontinued at the end of the year.

HyperScrambler 2: A Revolutionary E-Bike Experience

Cutting-Edge Technology: Retroblade Motor and Dual 52V Batteries

This moped-style e-bike is not just about style—it’s a powerhouse on wheels. Equipped with a 1,000W retroblade motor and two 52V batteries, it achieves a top speed of 30 MPH. Experience the freedom of traveling over 100 miles on a single charge.

Precision in Every Pedal: Cadence and Torque Pedal Assist

The HyperScrambler 2 E-Bike introduces a unique cadence and torque pedal assist system. This innovation measures your pedal force 1,000 times a second, delivering proportional power to match your effort. Say goodbye to lag with over 100 signals per crank revolution, eliminating the drawbacks of traditional cadence sensors.

All-Inclusive Package: Accessories and Features Galore

Your new HyperScrambler 2 E-Bike comes with a plethora of accessories, including a custom padded double seat, a powerful LED headlight, tail/brake light, turn signals, rear-view mirrors, alarm, kickstand, USB charging port, and a backlit LCD display providing real-time metrics.

Act Now: One-Day Only Flash Sale Ending Soon!

This flash sale concludes at midnight PST, offering unmatched prices you won’t find elsewhere. Seize the opportunity to save even more by using promo code 2BIKEOFFER for an extra $200 off when purchasing two or more e-bikes. Stay informed about the latest e-bike deals by visiting our Green Deals hub, updated daily with new discounts.

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HyperScrambler 2 Dual Battery E-Bike Features:

Reimagine e-bike performance with the HyperScrambler 2. With dual battery capacity, enjoy an astounding 100+ mile riding range, extreme speed, and upgraded electric bike components. Safety is paramount with dual sideview mirrors, integrated brake light, and turn signals. The G2 52V/19.2Ah batteries (SGS Certified to UL 2271) ensure nearly 2,000 watt-hours of power, eliminating range anxiety and delivering unmatched pedal power.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your riding experience with the Juiced HyperScrambler 2. Act fast before this cutting-edge model is discontinued in the new year!

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