University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) Scholarships 2024: Academic Excellence in China

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) has unfurled its doors once again to welcome aspiring global scholars through the UCAS Scholarship for International Students in 2024. This prestigious scholarship program beckons talented minds worldwide to embark on an enriching academic journey within the realms of China. Intended for individuals seeking Master’s or Doctoral degrees, engaging in research, attending courses, or participating in academic visits, this scholarship stands as a beacon of opportunity at one of China’s esteemed educational institutions.

Overview of UCAS Scholarship Benefits:

The UCAS Scholarship for International Students offers both full and partial awards, facilitating diverse educational pursuits and aiding scholars in their academic endeavors. The benefits of the scholarship include:

Full Scholarship:

  • Tuition Waiver: RMB 40,000/year for PhD students and RMB 30,000/year for Master’s students.
  • Monthly Stipend: RMB 2,500 for Doctoral students and RMB 2,000 for Master’s students, with potential additional research assistantship leading to a total of at least RMB 3,500 and RMB 3,000, respectively.
  • Accommodation: Basic accommodation provided in Beijing or by host institutes outside Beijing during concentrated study periods.
  • Medical Insurance: Coverage with a premium of RMB 800/year.
  • Application Fee Waiver: Exemption from RMB 600 processing fee.
  • Duration: Maximum of 36 months without extension.

Partial Scholarship:

  • Covers tuition waiver, medical insurance, and application fee for up to 36 months.

Eligibility Criteria for UCAS Scholarship:

The eligibility criteria to apply for the UCAS 2024 scholarship are as follows:

  • Non-Chinese Citizenship: Applicants must hold a valid passport and exhibit friendliness towards China while complying with Chinese laws and UCAS regulations.
  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English or Chinese is required.
  • Age Requirements: Specific age requirements vary for different programs; for instance, applicants for the PhD program must be born on or after January 1, 1989, while those applying for the Master’s program should have a birthdate on or after January 1, 1994.
  • Fulfillment of UCAS Admission Criteria: Applicants must meet UCAS’s admission criteria for international students.
  • Exclusivity: Scholars should not undertake other assignments during the scholarship period.

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Application Procedure for UCAS Scholarship:

The application process for the UCAS Scholarship involves several steps and requires the submission of specific documents. The application procedure includes:

Online Application:

  • Applicants need to complete and submit applications through the UCAS Online Admission System for International Students.
  • Documents required for the application include an online UCAS application form, personal statement, official academic transcripts, notarized copy of the highest academic degree certificate, CV or resume, two letters of recommendation, copy of a valid passport, study visa application confirmation, and a completed Foreigner Physical Examination Form.
  • Additional documents like language proficiency test results, portfolio (if applicable), and award certificates may also be necessary depending on the program and scholarship.

UCAS Scholarship Application Deadlines:

For the 2024 intake, the application deadline for PhD and Master’s programs is February 15, 2024. However, there is no deadline for Senior and Regular visiting programs, allowing applicants to apply throughout the year based on departmental vacancy availability.

In conclusion, the UCAS Scholarship for International Students in 2024 presents an exceptional opportunity for global scholars to delve into academic pursuits in China. With its array of benefits, including full and partial scholarships, eligibility criteria, and a streamlined application process, this scholarship stands as a pathway for aspiring individuals to realize their academic aspirations at the renowned University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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