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Types (L, B, C, G, Ci) Purpose, and Suitability Criteria for Work Permit in Switzerland

Directing the Swiss work visa process can be difficult as each option is designed for different work requirements and duration. For those planning to work in Switzerland, choosing the right type of work visa and comprehending its special purposes and suitability requirements are important steps.

Several candidates are often confused when determining the most suitable visa due to the complex policies that manage the suitability and application process. This guide wishes to clarify these issues, helping you make informed decisions and smoothing your path to work in Switzerland.

Kinds of Switzerland Employment Permits with Suitability Requirements

There are six various kinds of Switzerland employment permits available in 2024 depending on the purpose of use:

Small-Period L Permit

  1. Purpose: For permanent assignments or projects of less than one year duration.
  2. Suitability Requirements: Legal job offer for less than one year, proof of economic resources, legal passport, health insurance, and proof of residency

Initial Housing B Permit

  • Purpose: For more than one year of long-term work, with the possibility of regeneration and stable housing.
  • Suitability Requirements: Job offers longer than one year, related qualifications, economic resources, passport, health insurance, proof of housing, and allocation availability for non-EU/EFTA residents.

Stable Housing C Permit

  • Purpose: Provides limitless housing and work after meeting housing requirements.
  • Suitability Requirements: Permanent housing (ten or five years for EU/EFTA), economic freedom, mixing into Swiss society, and a clean criminal record.

Cross-Boundary Permit G

  • Purpose: For citizens of neighboring countries who work in Switzerland and return home weekly.
  • Suitability Requirements: Stable citizens in a neighboring country, possible travel, a job offer in Switzerland, economic resources, passport, and health insurance.

120 Days Short Stay Permit

  • Purpose: Eligible for short, project-based work not exceeding 120 days every year.
  • Suitability Requirements: Temporary project job offer, economic resources, health insurance, passport, and proof of residency.

Permit for Ci

  • Purpose: For political or global society workers and their families.
  • Suitability Requirements: Affiliation to a political mission or universal society, political or service passport, and proof of work.

Needs in Switzerland for Addressing Seasonal and Skill Shortage

          Although Switzerland does not offer special “seasonal and skill shortage work visas”, the current

          The above-stated Swiss work permit types successfully meet these requirements when needed.

  • Seasonal Work: Temporary L permits are often used for seasonal work in industries such as tourism, agriculture, and welcome, especially when managers establish nonattendance of appropriate native or EU/EFTA applicants.
  • Ability Shortage: The B permit allocation system is adjusted for occupations that face ability shortages, facilitating easier recruitment of non-EU/EFTA nationals in sectors like engineering, healthcare, and Information Technology. These applications can also enjoy faster processing.

For a comprehensive list of professions in request, you can discuss the website of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), which sketches occupations facing ability shortages, available in German here: Professions in request.

Swiss Visa that is Best Suited for Labor and Skill Shortage Jobs

                 The B Permit is the most appropriate Swiss visa for labor and skill-shortage jobs. This permit is perfect for non-EU/EFTA citizens as it allows lasting work in particular sectors where there is a standard shortage of local or EU/EFTA workers. It is primarily delivered for one year and can be changed yearly, offering the give to change workers within Switzerland after a special period.

Swiss Visa that is Best Suited for Seasonal or Deal Workers

The Short-Term L Permit is the most appropriate Swiss visa for seasonal or deal workers. This permit is specially planned for jobs that are for less than a year and is perfect for seasonal jobs in industries such as tourism, agriculture, and welcome. The L permit is directly linked to the terms of the work deal and can be long, but the total stay cannot surpass 24 months.

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