Stephan Banach Poland Ministry Scholarships 2024

Students from developing countries can study Master’s in Poland through the Banach Scholarship Program 2024, provided in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Agency for Theoretical Conversation NAWA. With the chance to get an education for free in Poland, this creativity purposes to promote socio-economic development by providing chances for education to talented people.

Read this object to learn the advantages, suitability, and procedure of the application for the Polish NAWA Stephan Banach Scholarship for the 2024 consumption:

Advantages of the Stephan Banach Scholarship

The offers of the Banach Scholarships are:

  • Tuition fee abandonments at public universities.
  • To cover living costs a monthly income.

Study Parks

The program mainly focuses on:

  • Technical Sciences and Engineering
  • Sciences of Farming
  • Particular Science
  • Life Science

In some countries, students can learn about social sciences and humanities.

Suitability Standards

For those who differ every year, and are suitable candidates the scholarship is open to nationals of special developing countries.

  • Be a resident of certain countries.
  • In an associated field hold a degree of bachelor’s or corresponding qualification.
  • For the selected program educational and language ability is required.
  • For ability to succeed determine a strong educational record.

Procedure for Apply

Candidates should be:

  1. Through this website check the list of suitable countries.
  2. For the scholarship application apply for admission to a university of Polish independently through this link
  3. Through this link follow the official statements and plans.

Last Date for Application: 21st June 2024.

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