Shaanxi Normal University Xian Government Scholarships 2024

Located in the early city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) is known for its skillful education and advanced methods. As part of China’s Ministry of Education and known for the valued “Double First-Class” creativity, SNNU is not only an institute—it’s where tomorrow’s leaders and researchers are ready.

Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU)has two charming campuses, Chang’an and Yanta, well-known for their loveliness and advance. It is where you will catch China’s first education museum. More than 30,000 students were acquired here, led by 2,000 caring teachers. Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) has a lot of means like a huge library with 4.16 million books and entree to 139 literature catalogs. This marks it as a faultless residence for discovering and obtaining such as somewhere else.

SNNU has been introducing universal students since 1965, with almost 10,000 students from the whole world. It is a universal center for education, with networks to over 190 universities globally. This creates a diverse and welcoming campus where people from unlike records come together to learn.

The Xi’an Community Belt and Road Scholarship Platform 2024 is On.

The Xi’an Municipal Government has begun the Belt and Road Scholarship 2024 for Universal Students, aiming to bring talented individuals from Belt and Road countries to study in Xi’an. This scholarship helps Xi’an’s aim of becoming a leading “City of Universal Students” and firming its point as a noticeable city both nationwide and universally.

Scholarship given Specifics

  • Doctoral Courses: CNY 25,000 for each person
  • Master Courses: CNY 20,000 for each person
  • Bachelor Courses: CNY 15,000 for each person
  • Chinese Language Courses: CNY 1,000 one month
  • Note: Scholarships are granted for one year. Receivers should handle early registration fees, which can be refunded by scholarship agreement.
  • Which Can Apply?

Candidates should keep a public visa from Belt and Road states, hold a welcoming mood towards China, be healthy, and stick to Chinese laws and university rules. Age parameters fluctuate by program, going from less than 30 for Bachelor’s to less than 45 for Chinese Language Courses as of September 1, 2024. Notably, candidates should not be receivers of any scholarships.

Educational Programs

SNNU deals with an inclusive range of Chinese-taught programs through numerous rules. For that selecting English, doctoral courses in Education, Chemistry, Computer Software and Technology, and Materials Science, as well as master’s courses in Chinese Philosophy, Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection and Engineering, and studies on the Sinicization of Marxism are obtainable.

Language demands

Candidates for Chinese-taught programs should meet particular HSK demands, whereas those applying for English-taught programs must have a legal IELTS or TOEFL certificate if English is their inborn language.

How can anybody Apply?

The application process is simple. applicants must add their applications online via the SNNU International Students Application System, assigning the necessary documents containing passport, certificate, copies, and other theoretical evidence.

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