Scholarships 2024 by the Islam Sultan Agung University in Indonesia

For universal students the Islam Sultan Agung University is excited to offer two kinds of scholarships for the 2024 educational year: the Success Scholarship and the Consistent Scholarship are the two types of UINSA scholarship. From around the world, both scholarships purpose to help brilliant students in their educational journey at the University of Islam Sultan Agung.

Information about Scholarship

  1. Consistent Scholarship: Those who are accepted into learner and advanced programs of the University of Islam Sultan Agung this is a limited scholarship available to all universal students.
  • Success Scholarship: This type of scholarship is considered for universal students with famous educational or optional successes, like state or universal outstanding successes in memorization of the Qur’an.

The advantages of these two scholarships are given below:

  • Fee for Free Registration: Protections early registration expenses.
  • Indonesian Language Program Preparation: Participating in the local community confirms students can comfortably.
  • Housing for Students: With Pesantren education available, extendable under definite conditions university boarding consists of 1 year of accommodation.
  • Program of Cultural Involvement: To Indonesian traditions and cultural practices this program offers activities that introduce students.
  • Extension Programs: This program offers interdisciplinary exercise and accreditation.
  • Funding in Tuition Fee: A large reduction in tuition fees every semester is Rs.400, 000 ($25) for the bachelor programs, for the master program is Rs.1, 500,000 ($93), and for PhD program Rs.3, 000, 000 ($185).

Please note that visa, residence permit, and charge-related costs are not included in the scholarship, while the University of Islam Sultan Agung offers support in these areas.

Process for Application

Step 1: From the official website of the University of Islam Sultan Agung download and complete the application form (

Step 2: With your application submit the following documents:

  • A legal copy of your final diploma
  • Copy of your Passport or Identity card
  • Letter of motivation
  • Certificate of TOAFL, IELTS, or TOEFL (optional)
  • New formal photograph (4 by 6 size)

                     Step 3: To define your suitability for a Letter of Acceptance wait for the delivery of investigations.

Step 4: From the University of Islam Sultan Agung Universal Office receive your acceptance letter through email.

Step 5: Through your study period in Indonesia the University of Islam Sultan Agung acts as your organizer or supporter.

Step 6: Through the Indonesian Ministry of Spiritual Activities apply for a study license.

Step 7: Get help with a Visa for Limited Stay (VITAS) from the near Indonesian Delegation or Mission. It takes almost 3 to 4 months to plan for this process.

Approved Call Letter:

Last Date: 27 May 2024

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