Matsumae Investigation Friendship 2024 in Japan

Matsumae Investigation Friendship 2024 in Japan

The Matsumae Investigation Friendship 2024 offers an unmatched chance for scholars interested in chasing investigations while experiencing a single cultural affinity. Hosted in Japan, this important program is designed for non-Japanese citizens who wish to participate in their areas of knowledge through faithful investigation. To help potential candidates direct this exciting occasion here, we will sketch the main parts of the friendship, from suitability to application steps.

Suitability and Submission Principles

Who supports the basic values of friendship the Matsumae Investigation Friendship is designed for non-Japanese citizens and meets the following principles:

  • Get a Ph.D. (Degree of Doctoral).
  • At the time of submission 45 years or below.
  • Ability is necessary in Japanese or English.
  • Do not stay in Japan for a long duration of time, except for short-term stays like tourism or meetings.
  • With an assurance to return after the friendship, now employed in their home country.

Main Requirements

Before applying candidates should receive acceptance from the multitude of institutions in Japan. The series of these institutions can be from universities to national investigation institutes or associated services in the private region.

Economical Advantages of Friendship

Popular candidates accept:

  • To refuge existing costs and investigation activities a monthly payment of JPY is 220,000.
  • For start-up costs a one-time fund of JPY 120,000.
  • Curved tour financial class charge from their home country to Tokyo, Japan.
  • Insurance for foreign travel which consists of medical treatment and health advantages.

Extra Occasions: Allows recipients to deepen their comprehension of Japan and its culture in which the friendship consists of a unique study tour.

Friendship Period: The friendship should be held for 6 months between April 2025 and March 2026, with definite start and end dates specified in the submission.

Process of Submission

Applications should be submitted by email to the Matsumae International Foundation (MIF) by 30 June 2024.

Compulsory Documents: Candidates are required to produce many documents, consisting:

  • With a current photo ID and a completed submission form.
  • An essay of approximately 500 words drawing the details for applying.
  • In the home country a detailed investigation plan discussing the relaxation, method, and likely advantages of the investigation.
  • Curriculum Vitae and a list of books.
  • From their present employer’s letter of reference.
  • Invitation to host professor in Japan.
  • Educational records and diplomas with English translation.

Outcomes and Transmission: Submissions are evaluated by the MIF Transmission Committee based on the educational value and excellence of the investigation project. At the end of November 2024, the results will be announced on the MIF website.

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