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High Demand Netherlands Jobs 2024 With Dutch Work VISA and Approved Employers List

The fresh news about skill shortages in the Netherlands has led to important changes in their immigration policies. The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) is now letting employers in the Netherlands recruit internationally qualified and skilled workers for numerous job positions. This development opens up new employment chances in the Netherlands for those considering immigration.

To hire a foreign employee, Dutch companies must apply to be familiar as sponsors by the IND. Visa sponsorship jobs are obtainable in both the private and public sectors, with a higher prevalence in the private sector due to a greater essential for foreign skilled workers to address specific skill shortages.

This article aims to provide complete information about visa sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands, counting average salary expectations and cost of living.

Labor Market Jobs in the Netherlands 2024

The Dutch labor market is facing significant growth, with over 350,000+ new jobs formed annually as of 2024. Key job roles include IT/AI engineers, production workers, business technicians, hospitality staff, production planners, truck drivers, shelf stackers, storeroom workers, janitors, and customer service workers.

You will be eager to know that many of these positions do not need a formal educational degree. For those with related experience or qualifications, exploring opportunities through the Arbeidsmarktinformatie platform can be a valuable step toward starting a job in the Netherlands.

Dutch Work visa Types Obtainable to Skill shortage job applicants

In the Netherlands, two primary work visa types are obtainable for skill-shortage job applicants:

  • Highly Skilled Migrant (kennismigrant) Visa: Suitable for highly qualified specialists with in-demand skills. Applicants must have a job offer from a recognized Dutch promoter and earn a salary meeting the minimum edge for their specific role (often above €4,844 per month in 2024). Relevant qualifications and experience for the job are also essential.
  • Orientation Year (oriëntatiejaar) Visa: Calculated for highly educated individuals who want to find a job in the Netherlands within a year. It allows a one-year stay to examination for a job with a recognized sponsor. Qualifications comprise having a completed university degree or equivalent, sufficient economic resources for self-support (approximately €880 per month), and adequate health insurance

Now let’s take a look at all the most significant skill shortage vacancies in the Netherlands in 2024:

1# ICT Skill Shortages in the Netherlands

Job seekers interested in the ICT sector in the Netherlands should be conscious that there are significant skill shortages in numerous key areas. If you have expertise in any of the following professions, you may find plenty opportunities in the Dutch job market:

  • Software Developers: Particularly persons with skills in back-end, front-end, full-stack, mobile app development, and cloud calculation. A degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, joined with programming skills in Java, Python, or C++, can make you a wanted candidate.
  • Data Analysts and Scientists: Professionals in data warehousing, business intellect, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data imagining are in high demand. A background in Statistics, Mathematics, or Computer Science, along with ability in R, Python, or SQL, is usually required.
  • Cybersecurity Professionals: Those specializing in network security, information security, diffusion testing, incident response, and cloud security are required. Qualifications often include a degree in Computer Science or Information Security, knowledge of IT organisation, and relevant certifications like CISSP, CISA, or CEH.
  • IT Project Managers: Experience in managing software expansion and IT infrastructure projects, particularly with Agile methodologies, is valuable. A degree in Business Management or Project Management, along with strong management skills, is typically needed.
  • Cloud Engineers: Expertise in AWS, Azure, GCP platforms, cloud substructure design, and placement, as well as cloud security, is crucial. A degree in Computer Science or IT, along with knowledge in cloud computing, is often required

2# Healthcare Segment Jobs in the Netherlands

The healthcare sector in the Netherlands is currently feeling a high demand for professionals, with cheap salaries being a significant draw. Particularly in demand are nursing roles, where pay can range between €4,000 and 8,000 euros per month in some hospitals. However, the sector also pursues other skilled professionals, including doctors, experts, and medical technicians, reflecting a broader need in the healthcare system.

If you’re concerned in pursuing a career in this field, consider applying to famous institutions such as BovenIJ Ziekenhuis, Alrijne Hospital Leiden, and Slingeland Hospital. These hospitals are known for their high standards of care and offer promising opportunities for healthcare professionals. With the healthcare sector’s expansion, now is an apt time to explore these rewarding career paths in the Netherlands

3# Skill Shortages Services in Netherlands

Trades such as carpentry, sanitation, electrical work, selling goods, and painting are also among the skill shortages in the Netherlands. Individuals with mid-level educational experiences such as MBO-2/3/4, HAVO, diploma, or VWO, and related experience in these fields may be eligible for the “Highly Skilled Migrant” program (HSMP). This program is intended for non-EU/EFTA nationals who can contribute to sectors where skilled workers are scarce in the Dutch labor market.

To qualify for the HSMP, applicants classically need to have a job offer from a known employer in the Netherlands and meet specific salary thresholds. The application process for this visa category is usually initiated by the employer, who must be a recognized sponsor. The program permits for a residence and work permit, often joint into a single permit, valid for up to five years with the possibility of extension. It’s significant to note that some nationalities may not need a separate entry visa (MVV) to enter the Netherlands but will still need a house permit for a longer stay.

Where to find skill shortage jobs and services in the Netherlands 2024?

To find jobs and trades in skill shortage areas in the Netherlands, reflect the following resources:

Official Government Resources:

  • UWV (Dutch Joblessness Agency): Offers a section for “Vacancies with high labour market tensions,” listing in-demand jobs crossways sectors. Visit UWV for more details.
  • Provides information on in-demand occupations and future-proof jobs, with a “Job market monitor” for labor market drifts and shortages. Check their visions at
  • EURES Netherlands: Part of a European network supporting job seekers in finding work across the EU, with a focus on areas with skill shortages. Visit EURES Netherlands for more information.

Specialized Resources:

  • TechLeap: Emphases on the Dutch tech sector with a job panel for tech jobs and events for IT professionals. Visit TechLeap.
  • DutchTechScene: Offers news and job schedules about the Dutch tech scene. More info can be found at DutchTechScene.
  • Buildbase: Specializes in building and engineering jobs in the Netherlands. Visit Buildbase to find newest construction-related jobs in Netherlands.

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List of Companies in Netherlands Allowable to Hire Foreigners in 2024

In 2024, several Dutch businesses have been authorized by the Dutch government to rental international workers on work visas. This opens up opportunities for skilled specialists from around the world to work in the Netherlands. Here is an abridged list of some notable companies’ official for this purpose:

  1. ING
  3. Hilton
  4. DSM
  5. ManpowerGroup
  6. Picnic
  7. Orange Quarter
  8. ASML
  9. ABN AMRO Bank
  10. Tripaneer
  11. AkzoNobel
  12. Infosys Limited
  13. Coolblue
  14. Jefferson Frank
  15. USG People
  16. Alpha FX Group
  17. Shell
  18. Unilever
  19. Stafide
  20. Philips
  21. Robert Half
  22. Adecco
  23. Heineken
  25. Randstad
  26. Optiver
  27. Experis
High Demand Netherlands Jobs 2024 With Dutch Work VISA and Approved Employers List
High Demand Netherlands Jobs 2024 With Dutch Work VISA and Approved Employers List

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