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Dubai Work VISA 2024 | Jobs in UAE for International Job Seekers

If you have the required qualifications, skills, work experience, or a degree/diploma in UAE’s skill shortage occupations then you will easily find a high-paying job in Dubai or anywhere in UAE but at the very far end, you will be required to apply for a Dubai work VISA which will be UAE work visa that is this article all about.

If you want to enter Dubai or anywhere in UAE then you will be offered 4 types of UAE work visa and based on the type of your employment you have to choose the right type of UAE work visa for yourself so let’s get familiar with all these 5 types of Emirati work visas in this article.

Is it Possible to Find Dubai Work VISA 2024?

This is a very common question being asked by international job seekers and I am glad to answer it with good news for all of you yes you can obtain a UAE visitor visa to enter Dubai to find a job in their local market and once you get employment then you need to get sponsored by your new employer for your new UAE residence permit and work visa whereas to get that you will be subject to pass a medical exam and qualification standards.

4 Types of UAE Work VISA for International Job Seekers in UAE

So now let’s discuss the main content of this article which are 4 types of UAE work visas available to international job seekers in 2024 I suggest you please carefully read the purpose of each of these 4 UAE visa types to choose the most suitable one for you:

1- UAE Standard Work Permit – Employer Sponsored

The most common type of UAE work visa is known as a standard work visa which is an employer-sponsored work permit issued to skilled workers, or highly qualified individuals signing an employment contract with an employer which is then subject to approval from UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE).

So, if you want this UAE standard work permit then your first task would be to enter accept a job offer, sign a contract, and then apply for a UAE entry visa through which you will be able to enter UAE. After that, you will be required to report to your employer in UAE who will then be responsible for applying for your UAE standard work visa and residence permit as per UAE immigration policies (Ref

2- Golden VISA for UAE

This UAE golden VISA is a premium visa type for UAE available to those individuals who do not want to have a local UAE sponsor for staying in UAE for study, or work purposes for a period of up to 10 years.

If you are curious to know who would easily qualify for this golden UAE visa then my short answer would be healthcare professionals, athletes, engineers/scientists, artists, and architects/innovators if you manage to get this UAE golden visa then you will enjoy a large set of benefits including sponsoring your dependent/close family members to invite them to UAE as per policies stated by Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) (Ref

3- NOMAD Visa for UAE

This is a brand-new VISA type started by the UAE immigration department in the hope of capturing international remote/online workers to allow them to live in UAE and work from UAE if you ask me why a remote worker would consider working remotely from UAE then i have some surprising facts for you to read.

Let say if you are a remote worker living in UAE on their new NOMAD visa then you will be totally exempted to pay capital gain tax, income tax, local taxes, or withholding taxes and with that, you will enjoy a free internet connection, get your emirates ID, and have access to world class UAE’s healthcare facilities.

4- UAE Green VISA

See if you are a self-employed individual then I recommend you to opt for UAE’s green visa since this specific type of visa is designed only for self-employed people to enter UAE for up to 5 years without the need for a UAE local sponsor whereas you will also be able to sponsor your family members if you hold green visa for UAE.

Dubai Work VISA 2024 | Jobs in UAE for International Job Seekers
Dubai Work VISA 2024 | Jobs in UAE for International Job Seekers

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