Changan University Grants 2024 for Global Scholars

With its two main scholarship programs, the Chang’an University Xi’an Metropolitan “One Belt One Road” Scholarship and the CAU Innovation Grant, Chang’an University (CAU), which is situated in the Chinese city of Xi’an, offers exceptional chances for overseas researchers to succeed in their educational objectives.
This is a detailed guide explaining the benefits, requirements for eligibility, registration process, and salary for these grants.

1# CAU Ingenuity Grant 2024

Qualification Criteria: Youths between the ages of 18 and 25 who are in good health and have a valid standard passport are the target audience for this grant. The candidates must have completed secondary education and meet the English proficiency requirements (a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or a TOEFL score of 68, though this may be exempted if English is the official language of the candidate’s country).

Grant Perks: The full cost of tuition is covered by the CAU Ingenuity Grant for the academic year. Additionally, it provides a ¥15,000 one-time stipend for subsistence. All the same, recipients of this grant must handle their lodging arrangements.

Application Particulars: Applicants who are interested in this position should use the Chang’an University digital application platform, which is available through the admission portal at CAU, and submit their applications between May 15 and June 30. A non-refundable application fee of ¥400 is required after an initial assessment.

Documentary Prerequisites: It is necessary to submit a photocopy of your passport, your secondary school diploma, your academic transcripts (both authenticated if not in English), proof of your English language competency, a medical examination dossier, and a certificate that you have no criminal record. The university’s application interface must be used to upload each paper electronically.

Acceptance and Matriculation: Admission determinations are contingent upon the scrutiny of application materials and Foreign Students (JW202), which are needed to obtain a Chinese study permit.

Annual Grant Evaluation: Maintaining the award requires students to participate in an annual assessment, which verifies compliance with the university’s academic and behavioral requirements.

2# Chang’an University Xi’an Metropolitan ‘One Belt One Road’ Grant

Qualification Criteria: Non-Chinese citizens who meet the age, health, and educational requirements according to their intended degree level—below 25 for undergraduates, under 35 for postgraduates, and 40 for doctorate candidates—are eligible for this scholarship. Candidates cannot have received funding from any other scholarships.

Grant Advantages: The award includes living expenses, tuition, and a subsistence stipend that is different for each degree level: ¥25,000 for PhD applicants, ¥20,000 for master’s students, and ¥15,000 for undergraduates. The specific advantages depend on how well students perform in yearly assessments, especially for those who continue past the first year.

Application Protocol and Prerequisites: Similar to the Chang’an University Xi’an Belt and Road Grant, there are extra requirements for postgraduate and doctorate candidates, including carefully written research or study designs and letters of recommendation.

Acceptance and Matriculation: A thorough examination of all application documents is part of the selection process, which may include involving interviews. Students are provided with all necessary paperwork upon enrollment to begin the application process for a study visa.

Grant Maintenance: Like the CAU Ingenuity Grant, the “One Road One Route” Grant requires students to complete an annual assessment to continue receiving funding.

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