Bulgaria Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS Fully Funded

Bulgaria is a beautiful country in Europe and the Balkans, known for its superb scenery, Black Sea seaside, and Danube River areas. Application for Bulgaria Scholarships without IELTS 2024 is now open. These scholarships cover all education-related expenses, so students do not have to worry about money.

Several scholarships are available in Bulgaria for students from all over the world. Some of these scholarships do not require you to take IELTS or any other English test. Without worrying about language exams the aim is to attract able people from everywhere to study in Bulgaria.

Although Bulgaria is not as famous as some other European countries, it is working hard to attract more universal students and improve its education system, along with other less famous European countries. So, if you plan to apply for a scholarship, you will not need an IELTS score.

Without IELTS 2024 Details about Bulgaria Scholarships

Host CountryBulgaria
Host UniversityVarious
AwardFully Funded
Degree levelBachelor’s, Master’s & PhD degree
Last DateOpen

Without IELTS 2024 List of Universities in Bulgaria

  • New University of Bulgaria
  • Verna-University of Medical
  • Sofia University of Technical
  • Russia University of Angel Kanchev
  • St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia

Without IELTS 2024 List of Bulgarian Scholarships

In this column, we will discuss the scholarships offered by Bulgaria to universal students. These scholarships can be incomplete or completely funded. Here is the list:

Scholarships by the Government of Bulgaria

  1. The government of Bulgaria offers economic support to EU/EEA citizens.
  2. For students who are majoring in Bulgaria, these scholarships are incompletely funded.
  3. Tuition fees in Bulgaria are between the final in Europe.

Scholarships for OppU Hard worker

  • Students with a CGPA of 3.5 or above can apply.
  • The scholarship is valued at $2,500 and covers tuition and organizational expenses.

Varna Free University Scholarships

  • Varna Free University provides scholarships founded on educational successes and worth.
  • Complete, incomplete scholarships and monthly incomes are available.
  • Students interested in athletics sports scholarships are also offered opportunities for their.

EESA Scholarships

  • To study in European countries Eastern European Study Abroad (EESA) allows them.
  • The range of scholarships is from $100 to $7,500 depending on GPA and program duration.
  • For writing essays about experience merit-based scholarships and extra motivations are available.

Scholarships for the University of America

  • Candidates needing economic help for their higher studies at universities in America will receive need-based scholarships.
  • The Gibson Black Sea Award is reserved for students applying from Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, and Romania. The value of this scholarship in every month is $5,000.
  • The Pride Campaign Award is valued at $3,000 to students who are studying at the University of America and who are from Turkey, Georgia, and Romania.
  • Philanthropic Scholarships for Yunnan Countries. The scholarship is valued up to $2,000 for the 1st year of study.
  • Yuri Zabello Scholarships for Belarus Countries. Only two fortunate students from the University Portal with the best educational record will receive scholarships of up to $2,500.
  • USIT Scholarships valued at $2,500 are for students applying from small Asian countries or Eastern European countries.
  • Serdika Awards valued at $2,400 are available to new graduates from the University of America in Bulgaria.

Without the IELTS 2024 Process of Application in the Universities of Bulgaria

  1. English Speaking Experience: IELTS is not a requirement if you are from an English-speaking country such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.
  2. Finalize a Preceding Degree in English: Completing together a degree of Bachelor’s and Master’s with English as the main language accepts you from the IELTS requirements.

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