Backpack Brilliance Scholarship for Women 2024

For those women who are facing problems in their professional development, the BackPack Brilliance Scholarship offered by IMD Business School for Women is an outstanding scholarship planned to authorize women. Through the IMD MBA program, this scholarship provides a transformative experience, permitting women to overcome walls and achieve their full hidden in their careers and communities.

Advantages of Scholarship

  • Complete or Incomplete Tuition Reporting: This scholarship offered by the IMD MBA program can fully cover the tuition fee which is sufficient for investment. In some cases, incomplete scholarships are also presented.
  • Costs of Living: For those living during the MBA program, this scholarship can cover tuition and other costs, thereby reducing the burden of finance for the receivers.

Support for Growth

  • Transformational Management Program: Focusing on developing management abilities, profitable judgment, and universal viewpoint, the IMD MBA program itself is a transformative experience.
  • Interacting and Teaching: Through this scholarship, receivers increase access to a link of skilled teachers and graduates to provide guidance and help throughout their professions.
  • Career Development: The scholarship grants women full access to management training and chances to network to overcome walls and reach their complete possible in their chosen field.


Most of the priority in this scholarship is given to women who have faced many difficulties and hurdles in their professional journey but the official suitable criteria for the academic year 2024-25 have not been released yet. This consists of conditions like:

  • Enforced movement due to fighting, natural calamities, or torture.
  • Personal responsibilities that have affected career development.
  • Economical walls warning admission to education.

A strong educational background, verified skilled experience, and management are possible in addition to these specific criteria, candidates are required to meet ordinary IMD MBA admission requirements.

Procedure for Apply

  1. Apply for the IMD MBA Program

Your first stage is to submit your application for the IMD MBA program through their online application site ( To submit your educational record, qualified experience, GRE scores, and other compulsory documents.

  • Apply for a Studentship

Normally to apply for this scholarship you need to write an essay that highlights your experiences, challenges, and ambitions. Submit a separate application for the BackPack-Brilliance Scholarship with your MBA application through this portal ( It will need to be done.

Closing Date

The last date for application for the BackPack Brilliance Scholarship for Women 2024 is generally around 1st July 2024.

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