Announcement of DDSA Visit Grant Scholarships 2024 in Denmark

DDSA, a visiting grant offered by the Danish Data Science Academy, is planned for students and researchers worldwide to learn about and engage in data science research in Denmark. The purpose of this grant is to work together with Danish Universities or research institutions to encourage potential DDSA friendship applications in the future.

Important Ideas About DDSA Visit Grant

  • Suitability: This grant is open to post-doctoral researchers and universal students.
  • Quantity: Best arrangement for stipend or funding to cover housing, travel, and related costs for chasing a scholarship in Denmark.
  • Elimination: This scholarship in Denmark does not cover daily allowance, food costs, income, or local transport for students.
  • Request: Applications for this scholarship can be submitted during the year and are managed in four weeks.

Protection of Grant

  • This grant can facilitate up to DKK 15,000 to cover housing, travel, and related costs.
  • This grant does not cover food, local transportation, daily payment, and income.

Suitability for this Scholarship

  • Scholars who have bachelor’s and master’s degrees can apply for this scholarship.
  • Those scholars who have a PhD level degree.
  • Scientists who are post-PhDs.
  • If you are learning at a university or finishing a program at another university, you should be registered or available for service in one year.

Dated for Apply

  • Year-rounded applications are accepted for 2024.
  • Employment in 6 weeks.
  • Apply first before starting your trip.
  • There is one grant per applicant per year; Supervisors may make three visits per year to host candidates.

Suitable Criteria

  • This scholarship journey must have a scientific purpose and self-motivation
  • How can your scientific profile match the DDSA Friendship for this scholarship?
  • A letter from the institution or supervisor to support your hosting

Procedure for Application

  1. Click here on the DDSA portal ( to apply for this scholarship.
  2. Contain a letter of support from your host institution or administrator using the DDSA pattern when applying for this scholarship.

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