Aiken Computer Science Scholarship 2024 by the University of South Carolina

The South Carolina University Aiken offers an annual $500 scholarship to graduate students in the Graduate Studies Master of Computer Information Systems program at an in-state tuition amount for non-resident and universal students. This scholarship helps students chase higher education in technology and numbers offered by the Department of Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The Department of Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics at South Carolina Aiken University is focused on invention and discovery to provide students with a profound thoughtful and obligation of mathematical computer science and engineering.

Offers of this Scholarship

  • Exercise of Systematic: Students use pictorial and numerical symbols to develop their serious thinking and communication services and to solve their problems.
  • Excellence of Engineering: The engineering department is a discipline that provides progressive instruction and is the backbone of the engineering program of the University of South Carolina Aiken, certifying a strong basis in principles of engineering and performance.
  • Preparation for Teacher: Increase the background of mathematics essential for ambitious elementary and secondary school teachers to educate the next generation of modernizers.
  • Preparation for Graduate and Career: Begin a career in computer science, engineering, or mathematics to build a strong basis for progressive study or gain general coursework and hands-on experience.

Advantages of the Graduate Studies Scholarship

Students who graduate with a Master of Computer Information Systems are offered a Graduate Studies Scholarship of up to $500 annually. Important advantages are provided by this modest and renewable award, consisting:

  • Support for Financial: Financial support helps make graduate education more available as well as cover its costs.
  • Rates of Tuition In-State: Scholarships are presented to non-occupant and universal students who qualify for in-state rates of tuition.
  • Progress in Profession: This profession inspires those who outshine educationally and increase valued work experience in their field.

Suitable Criteria

Candidates should meet the following criteria to be suitable for a graduate studies scholarship:

  • Educational Brilliance: Students must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 to be eligible for this scholarship.
  • Registration: Essential to register at least nine graduate credit hours in every semester of the award unless work hours are required for graduation or during the summer.
  • Special Scholarship: Candidates who are already eligible for a scholarship or graduate assistantship may not be receivers of another scholarship or graduate assistantship.
  • Further Considerations: Selection is competitive and may consist of extra considerations like GPA and experience in work.

Process of Application

To confirm their GPA and complete this form candidates should enroll in an official learner transcription on ( Even meeting the minimum educations does not assurance an award if the process of selection is modest. All students, whether awarded or rejected, will be informed by the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering.

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